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The definition of the internet is “A worldwide system of interconnected computer networks that transmit data using the Internet Protocol”, but does this really describe what the internet is?  The internet is really an experience that’s different for each user based on the benefits it provides for them.  For example, instant messaging and email are not just text characters passed from screen to screen in a vacuum of network equipment, but a rich experience where users communicate as they share a part of themselves with friends, business associates, and complete strangers in cyberspace.  The technology coldly manages the data back and forth between computers, but it’s the human experience itself that brings warmth and humanity to the technology. 

What is LiveChannel?
LiveChannel a new video streaming and marketing service that is taking the internet by storm. With the recent increase in number of broadband users, video content over the web is no longer the fevered dream of a few “bleeding-edge” computer enthusiasts, but a new standard in internet media.

Now you can get your video marketing material out on the web, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, delivering your message world-wide.

What Can LiveChannel Do for You?
There’s just something magical, almost hypnotic about watching video on your computer. Everyone is rushing to the technology to stake their claim.  Users are demanding richer experiences from the internet, and technology providers are rushing their concepts to market in order to provide it.  Just as the window of opportunity to define a brand in the television market grew smaller every day since its inception, the opportunity to define brands in the internet space will become more and more difficult as the technology is accepted by its users.

LiveChannel is a new technology that mixes the best online content with progressive non-invasive advertising . Film makers and content provides get inexpensive exposure for thier latest projects while advertisers get to use the latest technology to reach thier market.

LiveChannel represents a new way of thinking in advertising. Most consumers want to be marketed if that marketing is in context with thier needs. Live channel makes everyone happy with great content and targeted advertising.

Get Your Product Seen With LiveChannel
The LiveChannel Video On Demand services allows users to download the latest movies televison programs and other video content right to your desktop. From small independant film makers to big budget productions you can find the video your looking for here on LiveChannel.

Opportunity is knocking and we must answer the door with LiveChannel, a place where video and viewers come together online. The technology is here, the demand is here, the time is now.  Contact us today at (866)878-4465.

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